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Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words – a best way to get online traffic ,Generate leads and increase sales

What are Google adwords?

Google Adwords is a tool that will allow us to connect with our audience through paid ads.  It allows us to impact our audience at different times. It is the largest advertising network in the world in terms of number of advertisers and by investment. It is divided into several networks that make it up. We can consider it one of the most effective ways of advertising, since we are going to pay only for our target audience.


  1. Immediacy

SEO offers long-term results and a stable investment of resources, but it does not have to be the only option for a company. The Google AdWords offer you the chance to appear in the top positions in search results nothing activate the campaign.

Once you have selected the right keywords and designed the ad, your advertising will start to show on Google, thus getting more visitors, more potential customers, to your website.

  1. Reduced cost

If you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to advertise on Google AdWords, you should know that one of the biggest advantages is that you don’t pay for your ad to be shown, but only when a user clicks on it.

  1. Efficacy

In Google AdWords, an SME can compete with any large company on equal terms and advertise their products in a really effective way. This is because you can define the Target Audience you want to address. It is possible to segment according to the location of your customers, their language, gender, interests … we can even include our ads in searches made from different devices: desktops and laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Here are top Ad Words features you’ll need to use:

  1. New Ad Words interface

The new user interface takes some getting used to, but in the end, it guarantees everyone that it will captivate you. Imagine a world where you can bid on call extensions, limit targeting with household income, check landing page performance, and use extensions to promote discounts. Then don’t imagine it anymore! The new user interface makes all of this possible.

Simply put, Ad Words has more control over the new user interface and unlocks more useful data. In the previous UI, you could only get as fine as an ad group, but now you can see exactly which keywords and ads are producing the longest talk time.

  1. Promotional expansion

Today’s digital ocean is dominated by big fish. With Facebook and Google gaining the most share, not surprisingly, Amazon, the digital sales Moby Dick, is ready to take action.

  1. Message extension

Even if your landing page is as well written as this masterpiece, they will probably prefer to find an easier way to communicate with you before reading it.

The message extension is unique and gives potential customers the opportunity to chat directly on the search results page instead of reading the landing page. Convenience is a sell, and message length is a definition of convenience.

  1. Call-only announcement

Call-only ads only run on phone-enabled devices. These are optimized for phone clicks and lead directly to automatic dialing on the touch screen. There is no title, just a numerical description, and URL, so calling a simple action is very helpful.


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