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Everyone expects everything to go very quickly on the Internet. In addition, our clients, like any serious site owner, have goals to achieve. So it is only natural for them to worry about when their SEO strategy will start to deliver results or not. If the question on the duration on SEO success is legitimate, the answer is somewhat complex.

Okay, SEO work generates immediate results, since it calls for new content, better organization of the pages of a site. Still, the majority of businesses want visible long-term results, and almost all entrepreneurs aim for the first page of major search engines. So how long does it take to see the results of an SEO job?

How long after the start of SEO do you have to wait to see results?

We understand together with real cases of our customers, what are the times to position a website with “SEO”.  

When it comes to organic positioning, therefore NOT that of paid AdWords, various factors come into play that determines the time a website takes to rank on Google.

When we say positioning, it means a website that arrives on the second and then the first page, not to be confused with the indexing of the site.

Broadly speaking, in the best-case scenario, you can get to the front page in less than a month. At the same time, in high-competition jobs, the times can be up to 12 months of processing before being able to have a good response in terms of visibility and turnover.   

The Determining Factors That Influence How Long It Takes to See Success from SEO

The Initial Situation

The initial situation is a determining factor that heavily affects the timing to position a website. 

  • website to be created
  • the website with history but not optimized for Google
  • an optimized website that however fails to rank on search engines

 In the first case, in which you are creating the website of your business for the first time, the times in some cases can be very long, consider from one month for not very competitive to one year for those with high competition.

In the second and third cases, of a website online for years, which has never been optimized, the road to success may be faster. We often redesign existing websites that rank quickly on search engines for SEO.

A website with a HISTORY

With a website that has a history, even if it is not well positioned and a restyling is carried out in an SEO perspective, the times can be shortened many times. Within the first month, you could already see a considerable increase in keywords ranking on the second and first page.

The level of competition

Competition is a determining factor; if you work in a less competitive market, it will certainly be faster, easier and cheaper to position yourself.

With a new website, put online for the first time, it usually takes our customers from a week to 1 month to reach the second page. And the time to reach the first page of Google varies from one to 6 months.

The Resources

Another determining factor is the resources available to the client. Depending on the client’s budget, the positioning actions can be many, and this greatly affects the speed that the site will take to position it and what results it will achieve.

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